ESR Magnetic Wallet

ESR Magnetic Wallet, Compatible with MagSafe Wallet, 3-Card Holder

If you are looking for an unique product compatible with your Apple iPhone 12-15, here is a product you may be looking for: ESR Magnetic Wallet, Compatible with MagSafe Wallet, 3-Card Holder, Vegan Leather, Secure-Grip Finger Loop, for iPhone 15/14/13/12 Series, Not for 13/12 Mini, Grey

ESR Magnetic Wallet Review: Convenience Meets Functionality

The ESR Magnetic Wallet is a contender for those seeking a slim and functional MagSafe wallet for their iPhone. Let’s delve into its features and see if it lives up to the hype.

Strong Magnetic Hold:

One of the biggest selling points of this wallet is its magnetic strength. Many users report a significantly stronger hold than the official Apple MagSafe wallet, providing peace of mind that your cards won’t come loose in your pocket or bag.

Three-Card Capacity:

The ESR wallet comfortably holds up to three cards, making it ideal for carrying essentials like your ID, debit card, and driver’s license. While some users might prefer a higher capacity, the slim profile is a plus for those who dislike bulk.

Vegan Leather Construction:

The wallet boasts a vegan leather build that feels sleek and looks surprisingly premium for the price point. While it might not fool everyone for genuine leather, it offers a cruelty-free alternative that feels good in the hand.

Secure-Grip Finger Loop:

A unique feature of this wallet is the built-in finger loop. This loop adds an extra layer of security when holding your phone, especially helpful for one-handed use. It also folds flat when not in use, avoiding unnecessary bulk.

Drawbacks to Consider:

While the ESR wallet offers a lot to like, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Limited Card Capacity: Those who need to carry more than three cards might find this wallet restrictive.
  • Potential for Bulk with Bulky Cases: If you use a particularly bulky phone case, the added thickness of the wallet might become noticeable.
  • Lacks RFID Blocking: The wallet doesn’t offer any RFID blocking technology, which might be a concern for some users worried about digital pickpocketing.

Overall Verdict:

The ESR Magnetic Wallet is a solid choice for iPhone users seeking a slim and MagSafe-compatible wallet for everyday essentials. The strong magnetic hold, secure finger loop, and sleek design make it a convenient option. However, if you need to carry a significant amount of cards or prioritize RFID blocking, you might want to consider other options.

Magnetic Wallet

About this item

  • Stronger Magnetic Lock: powerful built-in magnets provide a 250% stronger magnetic lock than the official magnetic wallet, so your items stay secure and won’t come off when taken out of your pocket
  • All in One Pocket: lightweight design attaches seamlessly to the back of your phone and holds 1–3 cards equally secure due to the dynamic tension spring inside the cardholder
  • Secure Grip: finger loop on the back gives you a better grip on the go, doubles as a stand so you can enjoy hands-free viewing in landscape, and quickly folds flat when you’re ready to put it back in your pocket
  • Instant Card Access: get the card you need when you need it without having to detach your wallet by simply inserting your finger into the specially designed cutout at the bottom
  • Compatibility: only compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12 series, official MagSafe cases, and ESR HaloLock cases; not compatible with iPhone 13/12 mini


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