Phool Holi Gulal

Phool Holi Gulal - Premium Prahlada Box

phool holi gulal

This Holi, the Festival of Color celebrate with Phool Holi Gulal. The Premium box contains 13+ premium items to bring more sparkling colors.

This Box, which may be a beautiful gift for your friends and relatives contains 13+ items, which includes 400 gms Colours, Thandai, Tea Shirt, Chandan Tika ,Tishya – Moisturizer and Shower I Skin Friendly & Certified I Easy to Clean.

About this item

  • 🌺 Premium Holi colour – Prahlada Box with 13+ Inclusions!!
  • 🎨 400 gms of Vibrant & Non Toxic Colours for Holi Celebration with✅ Skin Safety Certificate
  • 🥤 Mishrambu Thandai Mix Included for Refreshing Enjoyment with 👕 Holi-themed T-shirt for Festive Wear
  • 🌸 Chandan Tika for Traditional Blessings
  • 💧 Tishya Moisturizer for Skin Hydration 🚿 Tishya Gel Shower for Refreshing Baths.
  • 🌟Rajwadi Sauf and Rose Mishri
  • 🏅Skin Safety and certified Holi gulal.

Customer Review:

This box has almost everything you will need to send your loved ones this Holi. From natural Colors to healthy eatables, from thoughtful skin care products you need post Holi to a tshirt made from recycled plastic for Holi bash this is a complete bundle of joy and festivities. Surely a big yes!!!



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